Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Videogame Vixens 2nd Look: Bayonetta Glasses Makeup Tutorial

Hello my beautiful bloggers! I've been a very busy bee with school work and my Aussie relatives in the U.S. but I haven't forgotten about you guys and gals. :)  Seeing how popular the Lara Croft look was, I decided to create another tutorial but this time with a badass witch.  A what?  A witch! Here is the 2nd Videogame Vixens Tutorial starring Bayonetta.

Bayonetta is a very mysterious and seductive witch who tends to shapeshift, use firearms, and magical spells to fight against her foes.  The gameplay is similar to that of the Devil May Cry series yet the graphics are fascinating and high definition.  I personally don't own a PS3 :( but if I did this game would definitely be on my To Play List.  The facet that the colors of her makeup are very cool yet vibrant make her look very alluring and ravishing behind her dark spectacles.  This look is perfect for anyone who wears glasses or is going out to dinner on a date.  Either way, you will look simply "bewitching."

Products Used in this Tutorial:
Clinique concealer in 05 Medium Beige
bare Minerals foundation powder in Summer Bisque
Smashbox Brow Tech & Cream Eye Liner Palette
Ulta Eyeshadow (blue metal, midnight blue, and matte purple)
Victoria's Secret Eyeshadow in Blindlight
Ulta gel eyeliner in Black
L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara
Ulta blush in Bubblegum Pink
Victoria's Secret lipgloss in Toy

As always start off with a clean and moisturized face.  Fill in your brows with eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil. Use concealer to cover up dark spots and shadows on your face then use foundation to prep your face up for blush later.

With a baby blue eyeshadow fill in your eyes from the inner corners to the middle.  Take a midnight blue eyeshadow and fill in the rest of your eyes from the middle to the outer corners.  Blend the two colors together so that they will transition.  Now take a lilac color and apply right above the blue eyeshadows.  Take a matte purple and apply over the lilac eyeshadow to intensify the colors.  Remember to blend the colors together once you finish.  Line your eyes with a  black gel eyeliner and wing it out at the outer corners.  Be sure to curl your lashes and apply on a lengthening mascara.

Use a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and apply a nude lipgloss to your lips.  I actually ran out of my lipgloss so I opted for a pink one instead.  Either color will work.

So here is the final look:

I created two outfits for this look: one to recreate Bayonetta's outfit but more wearable for everyday and one for nightlife.

Wardrobe Used for Outfit #1:
Shirt from New York & Company
Pants from Forever 21 (size 0)
Shoes from Burlington's Coat Factory (size 7 1/2)
Earrings from Forever 21
Glasses from Lenscrafters

Wardrobe Used for Outfit #2:
Dress from Forever 21 (size sm)
Shoes from Burlington's Coat Factory (size 7 1/2)
Earrings from Forever 21
Glasses from Lenscrafters

I really hope you all with enjoy wearing this look no matter where you go.  And to close off this tutorial here is one of my favorite songs from the game.

Good luck and see you all in my next post!


  1. i think bayonetta's glasses are super sexy and and i luv your interpretation of her look, the glasses are super hot

  2. so pretty the lavender iridescent color is so pretty on your skin color!! love you in the LBD you've got legs for miles girl!

  3. what a great tutorial. you look really good in glasses!!

  4. thank you very much :)
    by the way, very beautiful look^^

  5. Great tutorial :D The black dress looks great on you! ^^


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