Monday, April 25, 2011

Update: Upcoming Tutorials and Possibly a Haul Coming Soon

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great Easter!!! I went to Busch Gardens over the weekend with my huge family and boyfriend but unfortunately I didn't get to buy any picture :/ Yeah sorry about that but I promise to post some up next time I go :)  I've been pretty busy with finals and papers :/ Ugh it's driving me insane! Is anyone else having this problem?  Well at least I get to go to Disney with my boyfriend and his family right after!!! Can't wait! Definitely taking lots of pics. :)

So what has been going on in my life? Well besides this weekend, I recently went to an award ceremony at my university and received a medallion for completing my Leadership Lecture Series as well as accepted an award with my friend Alan for APASU winning the Intercultural Initiative of the Year Award.  :)

I've also been working on some new tutorials as well as a haul post.  Got some pretty nail polishes, clothes, and acessories to show you all so stay tuned for that!

Koda Kumi's POP DIVA Makeup I wore for the ceremony.  Tutorial will be coming very soon!


  1. Omgosh girl bush gardens is like one of my all time favorite theme parks! Heheh

    Congrats on your award chica :)!

  2. Aww I've never been to Busch Gardens, and there's one a few hours away from where I live too :( You look really pretty in the photo! Looking forward to your tutorial and all the goodies you hauled :D


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