Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MBLAQ's Lee Joon "Cry" Makeup Tutorial

Good evening everyone! I know I said that I'd post up the St. Patrick's Day Look last night but turns out that it is tomorrow so therefore I shall post it up tomorrow in the afternoon.  In the meantime, I have created a new tutorial with a twist.  Yep, this time the makeup look is inspired by Lee Joon of MBLAQ in the single Cry.


Below is the MV for their single Cry.  I absolutely love this song and I constantly play it in the car when I'm on my way to school.  I was inspired to do this look not only because it looks absolutely stunning but it also wearable for both guys and girls.

This look is perfect for brown eyes and is great for nights at the club, parties, or even on New Year's Eve.  Whatever the occasion, your eyes will be dazzling in these shades of blue.  And the best part is both guys AND girls can wear this look.

Products used in this Tutorial:
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Clinique concealer in 05 Medium Beige
bare Minerals foundation powder in Summer Bisque
bare Minderals mineral veil
Smashbox Brow Tech & Cream Eye Liner Palette
Ulta eyeshadow kit (midnight blue, sky blue and silver eyeshadows)
Ulta gel eyeliner in Black
Ulta eyeliner pencil in Black
Smashbox Lash DNA mascara
Ulta bronzer
Smashbox Lipgloss in Clear

With a clean and moisturized face, use concealer to cover up any shadows and dark spots on your face.  Use a powdered or liquid foundation to even out your face and sweep some finishing powder afterwards. Define your brows by filling them with either eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil.

  Next use a primer on your eyelids to make the colors more pigmented and intense.  Take a sliver eyeshadow and appy to your whole eyelid.  This will be our base for the darker colors.  Now take a dark glittery blue eyeshadow and apply to the lower half of your upper eyelid.  Take a black gel eyeliner and line your upper lash line and be sure to wing it out.  Now take a black eyeliner pencil and line your lower lash line.  Take your black gel eyeliner again and from the outer corner of your eye make another wing parallel to the one you made for the upper lash line.  Next take a light blue eyeshadow and fill in the space between the two wings.  For reference, be sure to look at the photos in cas you are unsure of how it should look.
Note: To make this look more intense add dark blue cosmetic glitter to the dark blue portion of your eyes.  This will make your eyes pop out more from the blue hues.

Curl your lashes and apply your favorite black mascara.  Now the boys don't wear blush so opt for a bronzer instead to highlight your cheekbones.  Finally apply a clear liploss to your lips.  If you feel that your lips need a hint of pink I would suggest going for a pink lip stick that is matte and close to a nude color. :)

So here is the final look:

Sexy huh?  To recreate one of their looks in the video, I used a beige colored faux leather jacket and a black tanktop.

Jacket from Wet Seal (size small)

So who is your favorite MBLAQ boy?  Leave your comments below!
I hope you guys have fun with this look and stay tuned for the St. Patrick's Day look! :)


  1. You're really good at recreating looks! The eye makeup is a bit bold for me, but it looks really good on you :D And Lee Joon looks sooo hot in the MV!

  2. aww that you that really means a lot to me and yes he does he's my fave lol

  3. I loooove this look. Blues are so beautiful!
    My favorite MBLAQ member is Seungho :)

  4. I love Mblaq ahah. Mir is my FAV, but joon abs is like OHH LA LA AHAHAH LOLOL. and i like the makeup, it looks really nicee :)


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