Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Kitty Bonanza!!!!!

Hellooo everyone! Happy Tuesday! lol Hope you all are having a great week so far.  So I promised that one day I'd do a post of all of the Hello Kitty accesories, food, etc. Some of the items on this post are gifts so I do not know where they came from or how much they cost.  Well look no further because here it is! :)

 So here is the first item of the Hello Kitty Bonanza!!!

2011 Hello Kitty calendar $7.99

Hello Kitty headband bought froma beauty boutique cart $7.99

Hello Kitty hair bows for $4.95 from the Sanrio store

Hello Kitty hair tie for $4.95 from the Sanrio store

Chococat compact mirror $3.95

Blue Hello Kitty charm from Sanrio store
 Orange Cinamoroll charm (gift)

Pirate Hello Kitty key cap

Beach Hello Kitty key chain from McDonald's

Hello Kitty and My Melody watches from McDonald's (couldn't resist XP)

Hello Kitty lunchbox

Hello Kitty tupperware and water bottle

Hello Kitty Pocky

Hello Kitty Milk candies

Hello Kitty watch necklace fom Hong Kong

Hello Kitty bejeweled watch (this is the box it came in)

This is my most favorite accessory and I can't leave the house without it.

Hello Kitty ring watch $16.95 from Sanrio store

Hello Kitty bejeweled earrings from Bahrain

Remember in my Updates post I said that my boyfriend and I were working on a special Hello Kitty project?  Well we finally finished it on the last day of Spring Break!  I gotta say though it was a lot of fun.  Here is what it looked like before it was painted:

 And so here it what it looks like finished:

Cute huh?  We spent all break drawing, cutting, and painting it but all in all it was a lot of fun and I got to spend the whole Spring Break with my hubby too.  It's a pretty neat project to do with a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or sister.  Well I hope you all have enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the next one! Until next time! ^-^

Bye from me and my boyfriend's cat Albert :3


  1. Ahh everything is so cute I don't know what to comment on first haha. I really like all your watches, the hair tie, and the lunch box :) And the wooden HK panel came out really good! You guys are very creative :D

  2. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Versatile Bloggers Award! Come to my blog to check it out :)

  3. omg love your entire hello kitty collection especially that ring watch so cute!!!

    wow the wooden HK project you guys did is so cute the results look so professional!

  4. hello kitty!! so cute :3 x

  5. Omg, the bejeweled watch and earrings are so cute!

  6. thank you for subscribing dear!
    i love the hello kitty lunchbag and earrings, they are so cute!

  7. Aww! Look at all your Hello Kitty stuff! Such a cute loot! :) I love the head band and the earring studs!


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