Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goto Maki Inspired Amethyst Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Wow that was fast, right?  Hello again everyone! I decided to do a bunch of posts this week.  Why?  My boyfriend will be coming home for Spring Break tomorrow and after Friday I will pretty much be distraced with him plus I want to catch up on my sleep.  Lack of sleep = bad skin and darker shadows under eyes.

So here is another makeup tutorial inspired by the talented Goto Maki!  I really like her music especially since she coming out of her pop idol image and growing into a true artist.  As for her image, I have to say I love her with red hair (one of the reasons why I used to dye it red in my freshman year of college.....just saying) as well as her senese of fashion.  She is becoming more sophisticated and less teeny bopper. Her song Houseki on her ONE mini-album is my absolute fave.  Her outfit in the video and when she performed on live TV are what inspired me to use jewel toned colors for this look.

If the video doesn't start up immediately, just give it some time to load.

Products used in this tutorial:
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Clinique concealer in 05 Medium Beige
bare Minerals foundation powder in Summer Bisque
Smashbox Brow Tech & Cream Eye Liner Palette
Ulta eyeshadow kit (matte purple, dark purple/plum, silver, and shimmering white)
Victoria Secret's eyeshadow in Blindfold
Ulta gel eyeliner in Plum
Smashbox Lash DNA mascara
Victoria Secret's lipgloss in Toy
Ulta blush in Tickle Me Pink

Start with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face.  Use concealer to cover any dark spots as well as dark shadows under the eyes and the edges of your nose and mouth.  Use foundation to set your face then fill in your brows with either an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.  Now moving on to eyeshadow, take a silver eyeshadow and apply to the inner corners of your eyes.  Next, take a matte purple and apply to the middle of your eye.  This will serve as a base.  Now take a lilac color and apply it over the matte purple.  Be sure to blend the silver and lilac colors together to remove any harsh lines.  Take a dark purple and apply to the outer V, making sure to blend the colors together for a smokey effect.  With the shimmering white, apply to the inner corners of your eyes to give off the appearance of bigger eyes.

With an eyeliner brush, load it up with a plum gel eyeliner and line the upper portion of your eyes.  Curl your lashes afterwards and apply on your favorite mascara.  It's best to use a mascara that gives your eyes more volume.  Take a pink blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks.  To find then just smile :) See your cheekbones?  Those are the apples of your cheeks.  Finally, apply a pink lipgloss to your lips to finish the look.  Now you're finished :)
Here is the finishing look:

Have fun with this look and also play with your wardrobe to complement it.  Here is an outfit that I created to go with this look for spring:

Dress from Urban Outfitters (size 0)
Shirt from Forever 21 (size sm)
Shoes by Fergalicious from Burlington's Coat Factory (shoe size 7 1/2)
Hello Kitty Watch from Naval Exchange

So what will I come up with next?  Stay tuned! ^-^


  1. aw such a cute look!! I love the makeup and the outfit :)

  2. Thats a pretty dress!!! Normally im not a fan of Urban Outfitters but this is an exception.

  3. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon!


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