Friday, June 17, 2011

FOTD: Michelle Phan Transformation

Hello everyone! Schools are finishing up and summer is aobut to start in a few days but I'm still keeping the creative juices flowing.  I was recently watching a makeup tutorial video by the one and only Michelle Phan (I'm a big fan. I've been watching her channel since I was a senior in high school ^_^) and as I watched it I thought it'd be neat to transform into her for the day.  With my makeup and brushes I went from Sammy to Michelle in no time! :)

Here's the video of her look:

Some more pics of the transformation:

Pretty cool, huh? I even had some fun recreating her outfit.  In the photo that she posted on her Facebook fanpage, it only shows the top portion of her body, so I used my creativity and had fun dressing up the bottom portion.

Wardrobe Used in this Transformation:
Shirt from New York & Company
Scarf from New York & Company
Capris from Aeropostale
Ballet Flats from Target
Pants from JC Penny's
Shoes from Steve & Barry's

Which outfit do you guys like better? Personally I like the capris one for a casual day but the pants one for business and work. :)

Even though this look is gorgeous on Michelle it still looks good on lil' me.
xoxo Sammy


  1. i think you look great in your recreation of her style~~~~


  2. A really pretty, everyday look :) Loving that outfit on the right!

  3. aww love this! i heart michelle phan too.. :) you look so pretty in your michelle phan transformation haha.

    ohh i love all things pinkberry but i would try their watermelon froyo if they're offering it at your location near you because it's usually a seasonal item only during summer do they have watermelon flavor.. it's SO GOOD! but i'm also obsessed with watermelon haha.

  4. lovely transformation! u look amazing! i love ur pants, ur leg look so long and lean!

  5. You did a great job! I think you are gorgeous :)

  6. aww i love Michelle Phan too. I also love your Michelle transformation. :) I also plan to try this look but its too hot from where I live, wearing scarf is a no-no.

    im a new follower. c:


  7. I love her too! And good transformation (: And yeah I agree with your other readers, your legs look super long!

  8. I love your take on the look and how you recreated her outfit too :D You look really pretty!

  9. You look great with glasses!


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