Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Solutions to Acne, Wrinkles, and Other Skin Ailments

Hello everyone!  It's been a while.  Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.  I've been trying to stay healthy and fit by playing the Wii Fit with my boyfriend as well as spending less time on my laptop and eating less fast food and more fruits and veggies.  I'll have to make a post about foods for a skin another time but for now I figured I'd make a post about some of the products that my family and I have been using for skin problems. You know saggy skin, blackheads, whiteheads, and of course...ACNE!!!  If you or your loved ones have been plagued by any of these problems them here are some products that can help reduce these nightmares.

First I would like to talk about Clinique's Acne Solutions Starter System.

 It's a three step system containing a foam cleanser, toner (but they call it a clarifiying lotion), and a moisturizer. Step 1 is the cleanser which is very soothing and relieving since it contains acid that penetrates your pores and thoroughly removes dead skin, dirt, and oils. The clarifiying lotion is a toner that refreshens and balances the pH on your face after finishing Step 1.  Step 3 is the moisturizer which rehydrates and moisturizes your face to avoid dry skin.In about 2 weeks (results may vary) your skin will become clearer and smoother.

I acutally heard about this product from my mom when I was in my junior year of high school. From my experience with this product, it really got rid of the zits that I had been struggling with for years. The only problem I had with this system is that I had difficutly adjusting with the moisturizer since it can sting a bit when first applying it on.  Before my skin got use to this moisturizer I would use a different moisturizer to rehydrate my skin. Other than that, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is having a difficult time trying to find a solution for clear and healthy skin.

I currently do not use it anymore because the severity of the acne that I had diminished.  I still do get zits here and there but I use a different system now.  For the new skin regime that I use please check out the Daily Skin Regime post in the sidebar.

The second product I'd like to introduce you all is Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough Facial Firming Serum. 

For those of you who are worried about losing skin elaticity,  this product may the answer you are looking for.  It feels cool to the touch and it doesn't give off that uncomfortable tightening of the face like other facial serums.  Within a few days, your skin will feel firmer and smoother.  Fine lines and wrinkles will fade little by little each week.  My mom has been testing out wrinkle removal products for years and I have to say that this is her favorite products to use by far.

Last product I'm going to mention in this post is Clinique's Skin Supplies For Men 3-Step Skin Care System. Try saying that 5 times fast lol.

This system is designed for men who have trouble with their skin needs.  It cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin and it has even been said to make shaving better for men.  My cousin acutally used this system a few years ago and he still uses it to this day.  It got rid of the blemishes and redness on his face and it helped to promote better shaves.  Just be sure that your loved one doesn't shave before using the kit. His skin will burn if he applies on the toner after he shaves. A lesson my cousin learned since that incident lol.  If your husband, boyfriend, relatives, or even guy friends are struggling to keep up with their skin needs, then I would recommend this skin care system to them.  It makes a great holiday gift and will be his face feeling soft and smooth. :)


  1. Nice blog you've got here! Great reveiw. I like the sound of Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough serum.

  2. I totally swear by cliniqe's acne moisturizer, it works well with my skin. I gotta try Philosophy's serum though, from what you said it is a must try!

  3. ohhh i'll try the philosophy's serum!! i use proactiv :) that's the only acne system that's worked for me. hehe

  4. iv tried hopes ina jar and i luv it~~~i luv how it absorb sooo easily and fast~~~but i havent tried "when hopes is not enough" since i dont have mature skin yet, but great review~~~~


  5. I'm not totally into clinique, my mother loves it.. but the foundation clogs my pores :(!


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