Tuesday, February 8, 2011

21 Flavors Date Auction Look

Hello fellow bloggers!  So today I figured I'd talk about the event that I've been prepping for the last few months.  It's called 21 Flavors Date Auction!!!! 21 Flavors Date Auction is basically an auciton that my organization, Asian Pacific American Student Union or APASU for short, holds every year where we "sell" handsome men and beautiful women on stage for a date.  Why are we selling people for money?  Well, the purpose for this auction is to raise money for the American Cancer Society so all in all, it's a good cause.  As for the name 21 Flavors, it represents the many people being bidded off who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

This was APASU's 3rd year for the auction and I was chosen to be a part of the bidline.  So of course in order to make a lot of money, you have to look sexy and win the crowd over.  Since it's close to Valentine's Day, I decided to make my makeup very soft and feminine yet a bit seductive by using pinks and browns which complimented each other perfectly.

Since I'm currently on campus and I don't have my makeup kits, I commute to campus by the way, I'll have to post up the tutorial for another day but have no fear because I'll be sure to post it up just in time for Valentine's Day.  For now, here are some photos of what I wore last night:

The embellishments on the dress made the whole look feel very feminine and sophisticated.

And just a few photos from the date auction:

At the end of the date auction, I only earned $25. :/ Yeah I know lame but at least the money is going towards a good cause.  So after the auction, all of the bidders and their dates went out for an Italian dinner in the dining room of our campus.  Although they ran out of salad and drinks, the dinner was acutally pretty good espeically the dessert: vanilla cream cake. Mmmmmm hahaha :) And of course my date was a gentleman throughout the whole night.  He's the one who's right next to me on my left.

Overall the date auction was a huge success! I'm still a bit worn out from it all but at least I won't have to worry about another major event on campus for a while. :)


  1. What a cute blog! You look really beautiful in that dress (: Thanks for following! :*

  2. What a nice blog! You look really beautiful in that dress (: Thanks for following! :*

  3. Thanks for following! Events like this are always fun - I would never have the guts to do it myself though haha. You look really pretty; I love the dress and eye makeup :)

  4. you are stunning! :)


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